Clothes hanger Coatrack

Part 1: Thoughts and Tools

I, sadly, don’t have a lot of WIP photos of this build. The process is, however, quite easy to follow anyway.


  • Drill
  • Hand saw
  • 3mm drill bit to pre-drill the screw holes.
  • Countersink bit
  • Screw bit fitting to the screws used
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Bolt cutter/hack saw
  • File



  • One wooden (this one is pine) panel of 150cm x 30cm x 1,8cm (or any other size, really).
  • About 20 wooden clothes hangers for this size board. You’ll want some extra.
  • Wood glue
  • 2 screws (3cm long) per hanger. I used 34 for this rack.
  • 2 nails, 3mm thick.

Part 2: The build. Yes, there are only 2 parts.

I started off by marking the hangers and sawing them neatly.  I continued by drilling the screw holes in the longer end of the hangers. I didn’t line up the holes, because the wood tended to split if I did. I cut the head of the screws and filed on a pointy end. Using these in the screw holes, you can make perfectly accurate markings for where to drill the holes in the pine panel. Pre-drill all those holes, then apply wood glue to the end of the hanger and then screwing the rack together.

The build is simple, but really satisfying, leaving a lot of space for both keys, coats, scarfs, hats and gloves.


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