#Couplegoals – Upcycled Planter

The design

This one started with a neighbour who had to downsize his garden and, therefore, had some fence to get rid of.

I jumped on the possibility of free planks and stashed them in the shed.

I had planned to use them to build foldable sawhorses, but I don’t think I could out-do the Stanley foldable ones.

Then, during a crossword puzzle session, my girlfriend asked whether we could build a planter for upstairs, next to the front door.

The Build

We started off with the side panels. After doing some intense math, we got the measurements and went building. The main point here was to get rid of any screws and see whether there were bits that were too far gone to use.

The bins for the plants to go in were exceedingly simple. There was no place for fancy joinery here; the wood was too warped and damaged. We put it all together with screws.

The paint job consisted of applying a coat of primer and two coats of oil based blue. The insides of the bins were sprayed with transparent lacquer.

And then we put it together with carriage bolts and screws. Got a bunch of plants from the garden center and we are off to the races!

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