Vertical Garden


After a trip to Singapore, where I fell in love with the city state’s combining of concrete AND green I stumbled upon a video with Patrick Blanc, I was attracted instantly to the idea of combining plants with an urban environment. Why? Well, I worked in a school designed by Wiel Arets. If you click that link you will see that the building is basically a concrete box. Moreover, ventilation wasn’t always great.

I reckoned I could tackle a lot of things, whilst broadening my building horizons. What followed was a steep learning process. Particularly one that I couldn’t have gone on with without the help of one of my students.

Tools and Materials

During the building of these walls I used the following tools:

  • Japanese pull saw
  • Pocket hole jig
  • Battery powered drill
  • Stanley box knife
  • Bosch drill bit set
  • Tape meassure
  • Buckets

Materials I used were as follows:

  • Pond liner. Yes the stuff to put at the bottom of ponds. Anything less sturdy or waterproof is asking for some serious trouble.
  • Rot resistant Isolation felt. The one I used isn’t for sale anymore. Also, I would, in hindsight, go a version that seems a lot easier to manage such as something like this.
  • Wood to build the frame.
  • Garden hose
  • Pump that is strong enough to pump up water to the desired hight. This pump worked really well, but do wait for a good deal.
  • Tape
  • Screws and washers
  • Wire
  • Plants
  • Wood for decorating the frame

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